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Our mission is to unlock the hundreds of billion dollars that are trapped inside America's undervalued and undersold family-owned businesses.

The business resale marketplace is in trouble. Your retirement is in trouble. You may be ready to sell your business, but over 70% of businesses are not ready to be sold at their true value. This is because most Small/Lower Middle Market Businesses were built for Lifestyle, not built to Sell.

Businesses that were built for lifestyle typically sell for 30-40% below their actual worth - but we have the solution. We help owners, like you, understand how a buyer views their business. We help shape them to recapture the “lost” value and sell at the maximum value to ensure you get the payday you deserve.

Our Story

How Exit The Family Business started... as told by founder, Rick McDonald:

Let me tell you about a phone call I received. A lady rang me about her husband. He was a Machine Shop owner that earned $300,000 a year when he died suddenly. He was just 62.


There was no Succession Plan or key employee that could take over and suddenly the business is melting away. Customers were scrambling for new suppliers and the uncertainty was causing employees to look for new jobs.

The plant and equipment were worth 30 cents on the dollar… Now the bank is asking about how the business equipment loans are going to get repaid. His wife was completely beside herself with what to do. We helped her get through the process and save her husbands legacy.

It made us think. How many others were in a similar position? How many others were in no position to exit out of their business?

It was far from the only conversation we had regarding the trouble business owners were facing. Offers far below what they were expecting for their life's work that couldn't support the retirement lifestyle they had been hoping for.

They were stuck. They were the company. And simply had no idea where to start positioning for a sale.

Thus Exit The Family Business was born...

Most small and lower middle market business owners are in a world of hurt. 70% of businesses don't sell for their true value and owners don't know how to get there. What happens when you age out and HAVE to sell?

You've enjoyed success and a great lifestyle from your business, but if you don't sell for what you need, your whole retirement is at risk.

Rick McDonald

CEO Exit The Family Business

As Featured


When I first met with Rick, Steve and the Exit Team, my 35-year-old machine shop was worth a mid $3Million number. 12 months later, I have offers for $5.5-6Million. These guys were a godsend to my family!


This process works! When Rick began working with my company, we were entertaining mid/high single million-dollar offers from competitors who did not have the cash up-front. After following the 7 Pillar System, and bringing in the Exit Team & legal colleagues, we successfully sold the company within 9 months for a “mid-teen million dollar” cash figure, where EBITDA was increased and the multiple was 1-1.5 point higher.


Discover how your business scores in

the 7 key drivers of valuation


Understand the risks a buyer sees

when valuing your specific business


Implement the "7 Pillars Of Value Creation" and increase your business value


The Process of Selling A Business

Getting out of a Business: Time vs. Value


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*The Lower Middle Market is comprised of businesses worth $5-$30 million, typically having EBITDA of $1 million - $4 million.

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