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BizEquity, the 900lb gorilla in Business Valuation Software, used by thousands of CPAs, the largest Banks in the country, and thousands of financial professionals, and with over 250,000 businesses, approached us to partner with our Exit Valuation Survey!

BizEquity is the #1 Business Valuation Software in the Lower Middle Market right now, it is used to create a financial valuation snapshot of a company at a given moment in time. This provides an extremely accurate valuation, and indeed, it is the most reputable software for that purpose in the industry.

If the purpose of the valuation is for financing, restructuring, or even funding Buy/Sell insurance agreements, BizEquity is the perfect application.

But the valuation is purely a financially supported “number”. It tells you what the value is, but not why that is the value.

Why does that matter to you and your clients?

Because, most importantly, it doesn’t show you how to increase that valuation.

Our new cutting-edge Exit Valuation Survey uses a proprietary algorithm that gives the supporting data and information as to why your client’s business is worth that specific amount.

It provides you with the exit Multiple and scores the business on the 7 key components that determine that Multiple. When a specific business scores below a certain threshold in any of these 7 components, this highlights the high-leverage areas to focus on so you can increase the sale price.

This is crucial information if your client is looking to improve on the value of their business, particularly prior to selling it.

It’s like having the secret of a buyer’s Due Diligence in your hands so you can fix any issues that might reduce the valuation before you even start to negotiate.

And why does that matter?

Because you can see in advance what you must do to improve your valuation BEFORE you look to sell!!

That’s what BizEquity figured out, and why they want to get in on the action.

If you or your clients are approaching selling a business, you need to talk to Exit and get their survey! That’s not us telling you, it’s BizEquity acknowledging the power of our software in Value creation!

See what BizEquity has to say about us here.

Exit The Family Business


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  • Preparing for a sale

  • Family matters & business

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How It Works

It's time to face the truth. If you don't plan your exit correctly, you could end up working until you die. Your journey to a successful sale and increasing the value of your business by 30-50% starts with taking our Exit Valuation Survey. This tells us exactly where you are now, the exact performance of your business, and what you need to do to improve. You can access your buyer Risk Report and speak to our analyst team on a complimentary call to discuss your results, increasing value and exit options.


Discover how your business scores in

the 7 key drivers of valuation


Understand the risks a buyer sees

when valuing your specific business


Implement the "7 Pillars Of Value Creation" & increase your business value


The Process of Selling A Business

Getting out of a Business: Time vs. Value


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